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More Desert Spring!

*Click photos to enlarge*

Flowers & butterfly along the highway at the Wah Wah Mountain range, West Central Utah (see more of this great area in Utah's Great Basin)

From one of the top rims of the Virgin River Gorge

Butterfly on a Joshua Tree

(more of the Virgin River Gorge) see Arizona Strip's Basin & Range Area

See the Brachiopods above the cactus flower?

Red Cliffs blooms May of 2008 (first hike/date with my husband ;))

Blooms in 2010 on the Dry Sandy trail
(more of the Dry Sandy hike)

Cactus blooms and Indian Paint Brush, and white ? flowers in Zion Canyon

Indian Paint Brush on Kanarra Creek, Kanarraville, UT

Tiger Lilly along Lake Michigan Milwaukee, WI (no, not the desert :))

Spring blooms in the summer on Cedar Mountain, Utah, over 10,000 feet

silkwish.jpg (114901 bytes)

Silky looking weed on Northgate Peaks Trail, Zion NP

Bee enjoying this beautiful bloom on Gardner Peak Trail in Utah's Pine Valley Mountains

bee2.jpg (134466 bytes)
pearbug2.jpg (134503 bytes) Critters making a home on Gardner Peak's cactus bloom (left); another bee bloom and purple beauty on Deer Trap Trail, Zion NP  bee1.jpg (108205 bytes) snapdragon.jpg (87014 bytes)
birchbloom.jpg (135205 bytes) Birch Creek behind these beauties on the left, leading up the blooming Sand Bench (horse) trail in Zion Nat'l Park  hrsbnch4.jpg (168018 bytes) hrsbnch2.jpg (130223 bytes)
hrsbnch5.jpg (134471 bytes) hrsbnch3.jpg (150490 bytes) hrsbnch6.jpg (125180 bytes) hrsbnch1.jpg (105462 bytes)

The following 4 taken along the Pa'rus trail in Zion

zionflwr.jpg (109002 bytes) zionpear2.jpg (127831 bytes) zionpear3.jpg (175645 bytes)
zionpear.jpg (193596 bytes)

These 2 (right) were on the back-road trail to Observation Point in Zion

OPbloom.jpg (85940 bytes) blueflwr.jpg (122640 bytes)

This butterfly posed for me along Oak Creek in Zion; also the next 2 taken on this trail less traveled

OCbutterflwr.jpg (143726 bytes)

OCbloom2.jpg (129834 bytes) OCbloom.jpg (108952 bytes)

How precious is this...3 happy couples enjoying Spring in Oak Creek

OCfrogs2.jpg (172052 bytes) OCfrogs3.jpg (133999 bytes) OCfrogs1.jpg (116836 bytes)

The next 3 are from the LaVerkin Overlook trail (click to see some views from the trail)

LVOglbmlo.jpg (101020 bytes) LVObloom.jpg (142403 bytes) LVObloom2.jpg (195587 bytes)

RCbloom.jpg (187437 bytes)

RCbloom2.jpg (131926 bytes) These 2 (left) were found in Red Cliffs '05, the next 7 just down the road in Silver Reef LCbloom.jpg (93351 bytes)
SRbloom1.jpg (215302 bytes) SRbloom2.jpg (194331 bytes) SRbloom3.jpg (207648 bytes) SRbloom4.jpg (162701 bytes)
SRbloom6.jpg (145608 bytes)
Indian Paintbrush
SRbloom5.jpg (128313 bytes)

More Sage blooms in Snow Canyon near St. George, Utah

SCsagebloom.jpg (176227 bytes)

And the delicate, yet poisonous Moon Lilly in Snow Canyon

SCmoonlilly.jpg (125665 bytes)

Sandstone Mountain area held another variety of blooms

SSbloom1.jpg (183559 bytes)
SSbloom2.jpg (138437 bytes) SSbloom3.jpg (208027 bytes) SSbloom4.jpg (165061 bytes) SSbloom5.jpg (161996 bytes)
with a magnificent view to go along with them SSbloom8.jpg (146582 bytes) SSbloom9.jpg (180221 bytes) SSbloom6.jpg (136054 bytes)

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