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Puerto Vallarta
January 2005

*Click photos to enlarge*

Sandy waves

PVwater.jpg (157931 bytes) PVsand.jpg (181596 bytes)

Sailboats, cruisers and ships in the sunset

PVsail.jpg (85754 bytes) PVsail2.jpg (123762 bytes) PVglow.jpg (116702 bytes) PVglow2.jpg (99287 bytes)
PVcruisers.jpg (118419 bytes) PVship.jpg (81232 bytes) PVship2.jpg (97351 bytes) PVship3.jpg (104315 bytes)

The only photogenic sunset of the trip - took over 90 pics!

PVsunset1.jpg (91895 bytes) PVsunset.jpg (102488 bytes) PVsunset3.jpg (115735 bytes)

Click on the 2 mini camera media clips for a "live" view from the shores of Hotel Plaza Pelicanos


Last Wave


December 2005

enswc1.jpg (106599 bytes)

Wine country view and a few of the beautiful flowers 

mxwc1.jpg (101904 bytes) mxwc2.jpg (117545 bytes)
enswc3.jpg (118091 bytes) enswc2.jpg (130748 bytes)

Adolfo's garden flowers

Sunrise from the Villa Marina

enssr1.jpg (66915 bytes)

La Bufadora's ocean view near the Blowhole

ensbhview2.jpg (136080 bytes)
ensbhview.jpg (120552 bytes)

Click here for Blowhole
camera media clip

Blowhole in action!
ensbh1.jpg (111600 bytes)
ensbh2.jpg (105165 bytes)

ensbh3.jpg (100679 bytes)

Aztec dancer

ensaztec.jpg (156227 bytes)
APL Panama beached here on Christmas ensship1.jpg (91215 bytes) Local vendors took advantage of the spectators ensship2.jpg (88481 bytes)


San Carlos
March 2003

boats.jpg (65764 bytes) Marina San Carlos Premier Vacation Club from Mirador Escenico Scenic View viewresort.jpg (98606 bytes)
bay1.jpg (106247 bytes) Bay near Marina San Carlos Lagoon across from Marina lagoon.jpg (88846 bytes)
shore4.jpg (106837 bytes) Sea of Cortez shoreline Sea of Cortez shoreline from Mirador Escenico Scenic View shineyview.jpg (140140 bytes)

On Land.....

peak.jpg (71657 bytes) shorecactus.jpg (82785 bytes) organpipepeak.jpg (82261 bytes) mountains.jpg (92156 bytes)

And More On Sea...

shore2.jpg (82403 bytes)

waves.jpg (84837 bytes)

shore.jpg (66308 bytes)

shore3.jpg (105794 bytes)

pvcday.jpg (110357 bytes) Sea of Cortez Premier Vacation Club Sea of Cortez Premier Vacation Club at dusk pvcdusk.jpg (89602 bytes)
viewbayN.jpg (96425 bytes) North view from Mirador Escenico Scenic View South view from Mirador Escenico Scenic View viewbayS.jpg (93096 bytes)
sunsetA.jpg (63628 bytes) Sunset from San Carlos Plaza Resort Sunset from San Carlos Plaza Resort sunsetB.jpg (75796 bytes)

My birthday crew....

clan4.jpg (115065 bytes)

from left: Julie, Olga, Debbie, me, & Mishi

El.jpg (70016 bytes)

December 2003
No hiking this trip--just a lot of R & R at Pueblo Bonito on Emerald Bay poolview2.jpg (105043 bytes) poolview3.jpg (109989 bytes) suiteview3.jpg (165269 bytes)

mazasunset.jpg (74231 bytes)

mazasunset2.jpg (58362 bytes)

sealions.jpg (98470 bytes) Sea lion Island

flamingos.jpg (221598 bytes)

These are real flamingos!

The hawks were bigger than turkeys!

hawk.jpg (95907 bytes)
lobby.jpg (161286 bytes)

What a lobby, what a resort!

Another view from our suite--shrimp boat at sea

suiteview.jpg (143667 bytes)

jul&el.jpg (118336 bytes)
Julie & Ellen after pigging out at Pedro & Lola's

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