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Another Autumn
in Zion National Park

*Click photos to enlarge*

From the bridge near Canyon Junction

From Angel's Landing

Eagle's Grag outside of Springdale (left); Riverside Walk colors (right)
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Great White Throne

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From Weeping Rock area
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Angel's Landing from below

Up-canyon, Temple of Sinawava area

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Sunset on the Watchman

Hop Valley from Kolob Terrace Rd

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To Lava Point, Kolob Terrace, Upper Zion lavaptrd2.jpg (249374 bytes) lavaptrd.jpg (247286 bytes) lavaptview.jpg (170127 bytes)
plakekolob.jpg (156082 bytes) Private lake (left) Kolob Reservoir (right) kolobrez05.jpg (200800 bytes) kolob4fall05.jpg (149556 bytes)
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kolob1fall05.jpg (216177 bytes) kolobterrd.jpg (169006 bytes)

View of Zion high-points from Kolob Terrace Rd

kolobterrd2.jpg (126789 bytes)
Taylor Creek, Kolob Canyons, Zion National Park (other images of Taylor Creek)
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Double Arch Alcove

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TCalcove1.jpg (223356 bytes) TCalcove3.jpg (155151 bytes) TCalcove4.jpg (204504 bytes) TC2.jpg (158540 bytes)
Private lake (again) on Kolob Terrace Looking up at Lava Point, heading down on the West Rim Trail

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