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Peaks & Canyons

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The Maroon Bells near Aspen, CO early September--too soon for fall foliage and too late in the afternoon for the best photograph!  I shall return another time :)
Points of View on Mt. Charleston, NV
MtCview2.JPG (122543 bytes) MtC10.JPG (114775 bytes) MtC9.JPG (104231 bytes) MtC8.JPG (110975 bytes)
Hike to Big Falls, Mt. Charleston, NV MtC7.JPG (141260 bytes) MtCsnow.JPG (117843 bytes) MtC5.JPG (143306 bytes)
aspenpeak.jpg (137567 bytes) Aspen Peak, Santa Fe National Forest, NM Santa Fe ski runs, Pecos Wilderness, NM skiruns.jpg (153850 bytes)
rionambe1.jpg (184079 bytes) Rio Nambe on the Winsor Trail, Pecos Wilderness, Santa Fe National Forest Nambe Lake between Lake Peak and Santa Fe Baldy, 11,400 ft nambelake1.jpg (138892 bytes)
sandiacrest1.jpg (113063 bytes) Sandia Crest, Albuquerque, NM Sandia Crest, Albuquerque, NM sandiacrest2.jpg (111194 bytes)

(4 below) Tent Rocks Nat'l Monument - Canyon Trail, Jemez Mountains, NM

tents.jpg (110560 bytes) tentsabove.jpg (115869 bytes) tentsbelow.jpg (111577 bytes) tentsbelow2.jpg (112579 bytes)
rim2.jpg (121313 bytes) Scenic view from Mogollon Rim, AZ View of Mogollon Rim near Houston Mesa Road, AZ rim3.jpg (146714 bytes)
crownking1.jpg (109136 bytes) Crown King Road, Prescott National Forest, AZ Near Crown King, Az crownking2.jpg (114429 bytes)
crownking3.jpg (100876 bytes) Another Crown King Road view Horsethief Trail, Prescott National Forest, AZ horsethief.jpg (137575 bytes)
hwcanfall.jpg (97904 bytes) Waimea Canyon, Kauai, HI (more Kauai!) Waimea Canyon, Kauai, HI hwcanyon.jpg (107795 bytes)
badlands.jpg (80799 bytes) Badlands, SD Estrella Sierras, AZ estrella1.jpg (71003 bytes)
Humphrey's Peak 12,633 ft (4 new in 2006, 1 old in 2000), Flagstaff, AZ

humpeaks.jpg (76417 bytes) From Mt. Wilson looking north, Sedona, AZ wilsonN.jpg (50090 bytes)
wilsonW.jpg (63834 bytes) From Mt. Wilson looking northwest, Sedona, AZ From Mt. Wilson looking south, Sedona, AZ wilsonS.jpg (57615 bytes)
sugarloaf.jpg (85703 bytes) View atop Sugarloaf Mt, Sedona, AZ Baldwin Trail at Cathedral Rock, Village of Oak Creek, AZ cathedral.jpg (121545 bytes)
baldwin1.jpg (127005 bytes) Baldwin Trail at Cathedral Rock, Village of Oak Creek (Sedona), AZ Sedona view on Baldwin Trail, opposite Cathedral Rock, Village of Oak Creek, AZ baldwin2.jpg (83091 bytes)
cathedral2.jpg (79666 bytes) Cathedral Rock, Village of Oak Creek, AZ Cathedral Rock Trail, Village of Oak Creek, AZ saddle.jpg (109373 bytes)
brinsmesa4.jpg (169778 bytes) Brins Mesa trail, Sedona, AZ More (5) Brins Mesa trail views, Sedona, AZ brinsmesa2.jpg (120058 bytes)

brinsmesa6.jpg (113952 bytes)

brinsmesa1.jpg (130872 bytes)

brinsmesa5.jpg (90063 bytes)

brinsmesa3.jpg (109685 bytes)

(7) Boynton Canyon Vortex Trail, Sedona, AZ

boynton2.jpg (95241 bytes)

boynton3.jpg (108178 bytes)

boynton4.jpg (128935 bytes)

boynton5.jpg (115264 bytes) boynton6.jpg (99520 bytes) boynton8.jpg (135306 bytes) boynton9.jpg (119633 bytes)
occview1.jpg (135788 bytes) Oak Creek Canyon, AZ viewpoint, with a beautiful Century nearby

occview2.jpg (85961 bytes)

century.jpg (196754 bytes)

 4 more majestic Sedona views from Upper Red Rock Road
upperRR1.jpg (79733 bytes) upperRR2.jpg (78671 bytes) upperRR3.jpg (85233 bytes) upperRR4.jpg (86622 bytes)
canyonlk.jpg (32668 bytes) Canyon Lake, Boulder Canyon Trail, Superstition Mts., AZ From Sunflower's  Mt. Ord viewing the Mazatzals, AZ mazaview.jpg (55863 bytes)
mohavespirit.jpg (82983 bytes) Spirit Mountain, NV behind Lake Mohave, AZ Petroglyphs in Grapevine Canyon, on Christmas Tree Pass, NV petroglyphs.jpg (111881 bytes)
mingview.jpg (110321 bytes) Mingus Mtn. viewing Sedona ridge above Cottonwood, AZ Apache Lake from Reavis Trail, Superstition Mts., AZ apache.jpg (180742 bytes)
schnebly.jpg (149808 bytes) Schnebly Road, Sedona, AZ Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, AZ church.jpg (136789 bytes)
montezuma.jpg (208305 bytes) Montezuma Castle National Monument,  AZ Montezuma Well, AZ montewell.jpg (173333 bytes)
carrpksnow.jpg (197122 bytes) Winter experience at 6000ft on Carr Peak trail, Huachuca Mountains, AZ Bizarre tree formation, Carr Peak trail, Huachuca Mountains, AZ carrpktree.jpg (142306 bytes)
carrpkNW.jpg (122619 bytes) Atop Carr Peak, forest fire still burning (center), Huachuca Mountains Atop Carr Peak viewing Miller Peak, Huachuca Mountains, AZ millerpk.jpg (187427 bytes)
picachoS.jpg (127557 bytes) Almost atop Picacho Peak, AZ Atop Picacho peak viewing I-10 and Catalina Mts. in Tucson picacho10.jpg (79454 bytes)
picachoW.jpg (101764 bytes) Sunset trail, Picacho Peak, AZ Picacho Peak from the back (west) side picachopeak.jpg (134710 bytes)
pinnacleview.jpg (97241 bytes) Pinnacle Peak Trail, Scottsdale, AZ Pinnacle Peak Trail, Scottsdale, AZ pinnacleview2.jpg (114862 bytes)
swiftview1.jpg (99014 bytes) Swift Trail view, Pinaleno Mts. near Safford, AZ Viewing Galiuro Mts, from Pinaleno Mts. swiftview2.jpg (95111 bytes)
swiftview3.jpg (105673 bytes) Swift Trail view, Pinaleno Mts. near Safford, AZ View of Pinaleno Mt. peaks from the Swift Trail swiftview4.jpg (100875 bytes)
observatory.jpg (67374 bytes) Mt. Graham Observatory from Web Peak, Pinaleno Mts. View from Web Peak tower, Pinaleno Mts. webbpeakS.jpg (80727 bytes)
Riggslake.jpg (106446 bytes) Riggs Lake from Swift Trail, Pinaleno Mts. Beauty on the Swift Trail adventure butterfly.jpg (92796 bytes)
havalina1.jpg (109436 bytes) Where did that volleyball go? This fine yard in Strawberry, AZ has the best water in town! havalina2.jpg (93913 bytes)
littleG.jpg (146224 bytes) Viewing Little Granite from Granite Mt., Prescott National Forest, AZ Granite Mountain. overlooking Verde Valley (Bill Williams Mt. on left), Prescott National Forest, AZ verde2.jpg (139762 bytes)

tentsme.jpg (129171 bytes)

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