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Spring in the Arizona Desert

*Click photos to enlarge*

Blooms on Black Rock Trail (long loop), White Tank Mountain Regional Park, AZ whitetanks1.jpg (224287 bytes) whitetanks7.jpg (176851 bytes) whitetanks22.jpg (243612 bytes)
California & Mexican Gold Poppies all over! whitetanks3.jpg (217679 bytes) whitetanks6.jpg (223970 bytes) whitetanks17.jpg (248547 bytes)

whitetanks14.jpg (187957 bytes)

Poppies with Brittlebush, Lupine and more (click here for PDF description

whitetanks21.jpg (212471 bytes)

whitetanks5.jpg (191375 bytes)

whitetanks19.jpg (158800 bytes) whitetanks16.jpg (180702 bytes) whitetanks15.jpg (208280 bytes) whitetanks11.jpg (204943 bytes)

whitetanks25.jpg (276021 bytes)

octillobee.jpg (135316 bytes)

Waterfall at the end of Waterfall Trail, joined from Black Rock Trail, White Tank Mountains, AZ whitetankswaterfall.jpg (178023 bytes)
11 photos (& 1 video clip) from Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, Tortuga Trail (crossing Cave Creek) to Elephant Mountain Trail, north of Cave Creek, AZ spurX1.jpg (246574 bytes) spurXcardinal.jpg (201921 bytes)

spurX6.jpg (191355 bytes)

spurX10.jpg (127738 bytes)

spurX3.jpg (176151 bytes)

spurX8.jpg (169222 bytes)

Rock dam for crossing Cave Creek (will it ever be this full again?)  spurXcavecreek3.jpg (173498 bytes) spurXcavecreek1.jpg (101453 bytes) spurXcavecreek2.jpg (92586 bytes)
snake1.jpg (246097 bytes) This Rattler just sat there and posed while soaking up the sun on the Tortuga Trail But this guy stuck out his tongue and rattled away (click here for camera media clip) snake2.jpg (207155 bytes)
wmwbloom.jpg (161608 bytes) White Canyon Wilderness, AZ White Canyon Wilderness, AZ wmwblooms.jpg (148984 bytes)
saguflwr.jpg (62766 bytes) Viewing Castle Creek Wilderness near Bumble Bee, AZ Rattlesnake, Four Peaks Wilderness, AZ rattle.JPG (66406 bytes)
sugarloaf1.jpg (128412 bytes) Sugarloaf Mountain, West of Four Peaks Wilderness, AZ Sugarloaf Mountain, West of Four Peaks Wilderness, AZ sugarloaf2.jpg (122389 bytes)
mcDwash1.jpg (185633 bytes)

Early Poppy, and lots of green from '05 rain, McDowell Mountains, AZ

mcDwash2.jpg (142811 bytes)

mcDwash3.jpg (121049 bytes)
McDowell Mt's "Tom Thumb" monolith, and the blooms along the trail

ttmd14.jpg (84225 bytes)

ttmd23.jpg (205485 bytes)

ttmd24.jpg (221508 bytes)

ttmd25.jpg (159775 bytes)

ttmd6.jpg (184138 bytes)

Who does this remind you of? ttmd12.jpg (141725 bytes)

ttmd1.jpg (111345 bytes)

ttmd2.jpg (207263 bytes)

Viewing Fountain Hills (from Tom Thumb, different peak than below) ttmd7.jpg (91465 bytes)

ttmd5.jpg (186641 bytes)

ttmd10.jpg (124696 bytes)

Hummingbird at the end of Tom Thumb hike ttmd15.jpg (195662 bytes)
pearblom.jpg (89649 bytes) Pear cactus bloom, McDowell Mountains, AZ Pear cactus bloom, McDowell Mountains, AZ pearflwr.JPG (86596 bytes)
flwrbud.jpg (91084 bytes) McDowell Mountains, AZ More Pear blooms near McDowell Mountains, AZ pearow.jpg (124207 bytes)
StPatFountain.jpg (91422 bytes) From the McDowell Mountains viewing St. Patrick's Day fountain, Fountain Hills, AZ Dog Wash Trail, McDowell Mountains, AZ mcgarden.jpg (164893 bytes)
octillo.jpg (102587 bytes) Ocotillo near McDowell  Mountains, AZ Dog Wash Trail, McDowell Mountains, AZ mctrail2.jpg (195130 bytes)
flwrview.jpg (126130 bytes) Reavis Trail, Superstition Mts., AZ Canyon Lake, Boulder Canyon Trail, Superstition Mts., AZ springcanyon.jpg (135487 bytes)
The following two are on Peralta Road from Gold Canyon, AZ, to the Peralta Trailhead 

flwrpeak.jpg (164970 bytes)

peraltaroad.jpg (125152 bytes) The nine below are on the Lost Dutchman Trail, Superstition Mts.
lostdutch2.jpg (135833 bytes) redblu.jpg (222194 bytes) yellowblue.jpg (148898 bytes) calpops.jpg (162081 bytes) creek.jpg (156728 bytes)
octillomts.jpg (176974 bytes) octillotrail.jpg (137076 bytes) octillopops.jpg (160698 bytes) minersummit.jpg (102621 bytes)
From Bluff Spring Trail, a short hike up Terrapin Trail terrapinview.jpg (85594 bytes) weavertip.jpg (124526 bytes) redwhtblu.jpg (195450 bytes)
Back on Bluff Spring Trail, headed towards Peralta Trailhead oddrocks.jpg (99721 bytes) bluffspring.jpg (119425 bytes) bluffspringtrail.jpg (100819 bytes)

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