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Hiking in the Winter Wonderland

*Click photos to enlarge*

Weird winter '08-'09 in the Mojave Desert near Littlefield, AZ, north of Mesquite, NV (see Arizona's Basin & Range for more of this area we hiked)

"Pinesicle" in Dixie Nat'l Forest near Enterprise, UT

3 views while driving on I-15 between Hurricane & Kolob Canyons, UT

Gooseberry after the storm, from Toquerville, UT

Frozen bushes under Weeping Rock at Zion Nat'l Park

Desert blizzard results at Cedar Pocket, Virgin River Gorge between Mesquite, NV & St. George, UT Jan '07
For the spring season in the upper gorge, see Arizona's Basin & Range

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains SE of Salt Lake City, UT

Bizarre weather below in (literally) Snow Canyon, St. George, UT - March 2006
really named after early settlers, Lorenzo & Erastus Snow


SCPVMwinter.jpg (88305 bytes) Pine Valley Mountains viewed from Snow Canyon, So. Utah Pine Valley Mountains viewed from Hurricane, UT SSPVMwinter.jpg (100064 bytes)

Hwy 143 Nearing Brian Head ski area, & beyond to Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah

143cedar.JPG (114399 bytes)

143cedar2.JPG (89112 bytes)

143cedar3.JPG (100469 bytes)

Trudged through very deep tundra and biting winds for these pics!

143cedarB1.JPG (168346 bytes) 143cedarB3.JPG (140723 bytes) 143cedarB4.JPG (119492 bytes)
143cedarB5.JPG (132863 bytes) 143cedarB6.JPG (157770 bytes) 143cedarB7.JPG (98319 bytes) 143cedarB2.JPG (92747 bytes)
Morning run along the La Verkin River near my home This unusual snow melted within a couple hours
KolobTrd16.JPG (91215 bytes) Private lake from Kolob Terrace Rd above Zion NP, UT More snow in November along Kolob Terrace Rd above Zion NP, UT KolobTrd17.JPG (164444 bytes)
priver.jpg (138764 bytes) Pewaukee River, Pewaukee, WI View of Roosevelt Lake from atop Mt. Ord, Sunflower, AZ ordrsvlt.jpg (157648 bytes)
4pkrsvlt.jpg (134142 bytes) Not as clear of a view of Roosevelt Lake atop Four Peaks, AZ Snow doesn't last very long on Four Peaks, AZ 4pkwash.jpg (102680 bytes)
grandmas.jpg (107012 bytes) Snowy Pinaleno Mts. reflection, Safford, AZ Early sunrise on the Pinaleno Mts., Safford, AZ amreflection.jpg (83166 bytes)
pinalenopond.jpg (83422 bytes) Pinaleno Mountains from Safford, AZ Pinaleno peaks, Swift Trail (Hwy 366) Safford, AZ 3peaks.jpg (151369 bytes)
heliograph.jpg (133455 bytes) Mt. Graham, Pinaleno Mts., AZ Heliograph Peak, Pinaleno Mts., AZ snowpeak.jpg (115094 bytes)
snowfall.jpg (131674 bytes) Snow Falls! Perfect X-country ski trail! backroad.jpg (128500 bytes)
skiview3.jpg (85297 bytes) From X-country ski trail viewing Apache National Forest Snow-capped Apache National Forest beyond Safford, AZ overview.jpg (77566 bytes)
thrutrees.jpg (98738 bytes) Snow peaks and low clouds between the trees Viewing N-NE towards San Carlos Indian Reservation lowclouds.jpg (98810 bytes)
snowview.jpg (84707 bytes) From Swift Trail viewing SW-W, more Coronado National Forest Enjoy the Swift Trail views! swift.jpg (88520 bytes)
snowpeaks.jpg (84877 bytes) swview.jpg (73343 bytes) swview1.jpg (116390 bytes) snowtree.jpg (97150 bytes)
westpeaktrees.jpg (130395 bytes) westmts.jpg (92069 bytes) westmts1.jpg (62681 bytes) westmts2.jpg (83217 bytes)
trees.jpg (163806 bytes) Christmas Trees at Shannon campground, Pinaleno Mts, AZ Don't eat the yellow snow! laurel.jpg (87559 bytes)

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