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Misc Hikes & Views 
Near Zion National Park

*Click photos to enlarge*
Kanarra Canyon (also see
Kanarra Creek waterfalls)
Above the Red Cliffs from Silver Reef
RCresview.jpg (82051 bytes) RCbr2.jpg (139511 bytes) RCbr3.jpg (114101 bytes) RCbr4.jpg (143321 bytes)
RCbr1.jpg (154531 bytes) RCbr0.jpg (153359 bytes) RCbr.jpg (134505 bytes) RCbrarch.jpg (210710 bytes)
Oak Grove Trail in the Pine Valley Mountains OGtrail.jpg (221661 bytes)

'Kitty' posed for me on the Oak Grove trail

bobcat.jpg (110505 bytes)
petrifiedwood.jpg (199081 bytes)

Huber Wash (SE corner of Zion) is known for petrified wood

A couple new friends I made followed me on the way out of the wash

horses.jpg (142739 bytes)
LVoverVirginR.jpg (67075 bytes) Virgin River (left), and Zion buried in the clouds (right) LVoverZstorm.jpg (88314 bytes) LVoverZion.jpg (57509 bytes)
 3 above and 4 below (viewing Pine Valley Mountains) from LaVerkin Overlook 
LVoverlook1.jpg (84637 bytes) LVoverlook2.jpg (95068 bytes) LVoverlook3.jpg (90643 bytes) LVoverlook4.jpg (76890 bytes)

Outside Zion from the West (from Hwy 59)

outofzion.jpg (78104 bytes) outofzion2.jpg (73034 bytes)

Views from Hwy 9 from Hurricane to Springdale

tozion1.jpg (86873 bytes) tozion2.jpg (93274 bytes) tozion3.jpg (92300 bytes)

The warmer part of Water Canyon in March (from Hilldale)

And continues to an icicle alcove (trail goes all the way to Eagle's Crag)

Water Canyon in Summer - check out Bigfoot :)

Eagle's Crag from Springdale, outside of Zion

eaglesgrag.jpg (121849 bytes) Below, views from the Rim Trail above Hurricane & LaVerkin, UT, and snow-dust view from LaVerkin Overlook
rimtrzion.JPG (105812 bytes) rimtrzion2.JPG (87872 bytes) rimtrzion3.JPG (79496 bytes) zionsnodust2.JPG (60837 bytes)
quail.JPG (54377 bytes) quailzion.JPG (51657 bytes) Quail Creek Reservoir (left),  Rainbow from Hwy 59, Hurricane (right) rainbow.JPG (56631 bytes)
PVsunrise.JPG (50633 bytes) Pine Valley Mts from my porch in LaVerkin, daybreak to noon PVview.JPG (74838 bytes) pinevalleyview.JPG (77958 bytes)

The Virgin River in LaVerkin, between Zion & St. George

confluence.jpg (90187 bytes) virginr1.jpg (96376 bytes) virginr2.jpg (72950 bytes)
virginconfluence2.jpg (145144 bytes)

Virgin River bends at LaVerkin River confluence

As seen from below on a trail in the canyon

virgflow2.JPG (144193 bytes)
virginstop.jpg (88083 bytes)

Check out the balanced rock

balancerockview.jpg (115970 bytes) volcview.JPG (98212 bytes)
More of the above trail another time LVpathview.jpg (107777 bytes) LVpathview2.jpg (119149 bytes) LVpathVR.jpg (121145 bytes)

Virgin River in Hurricane, UT

virginriverview.jpg (132001 bytes)

tmphotspr.JPG (160012 bytes)

Pah Tempe hot springs viewed from Rim Trail above LaVerkin (they really smell bad sometimes)

lake1.jpg (85768 bytes)

Sand Hollow Lake in Hurricane, UT (Zion in back)

Sunset over Sand Hollow Lake 

lakesunset3.jpg (50048 bytes)

Above Zion, the road up to Kolob Reservoir from Virgin, UT

kolobTrd9.JPG (137825 bytes) kolobTrd15.JPG (106711 bytes) kolobroad7.jpg (75177 bytes)
kolobroad6.jpg (125385 bytes) kolobroad1.jpg (98184 bytes)

Hop Valley

hopvalley1.jpg (112959 bytes)
kolobresview4.jpg (75973 bytes)

Fall Foliage above the desert, as early as Oct 3!  Click for more autumn images atop Zion at the Kolob Reservoir, and from the Taylor Creek Trail at Kolob Canyons

kolobresview2.jpg (132370 bytes)
kolobview2.jpg (128093 bytes) taylorview.jpg (162690 bytes) Kolob Canyons (Taylor Creek left), in northern Zion.  Timber Creek Overlook Trail (right, & below),  kolobview3.jpg (148076 bytes)
kolobview1.jpg (95383 bytes) kolobview4.jpg (157967 bytes) kolobview5.jpg (134250 bytes) kolobslot.jpg (160857 bytes)

The Double Arch Alcove at the end of the Taylor Creek Trail, Kolob Canyons, UT

alcove1.jpg (120804 bytes) alcove2.jpg (143567 bytes) alcove3.jpg (149852 bytes)
LVObug.jpg (172894 bytes)

Hiking partner on LaVerkin Overlook

Leeds Creek at Silver Reef Spring '05

leedscreek1.jpg (183635 bytes)

leedscreek2.jpg (184189 bytes) leedscreek.jpg (184514 bytes) leedscreek5.jpg (236087 bytes) leedscreek3.jpg (139937 bytes)
Kolob Canyons & Terrace (North Zion)
first 2 viewed from Kolob Mountain
(There's a pic of us on the main Basin & Range page)

More Oak Grove trail views

Views from Smith Mesa (2) and Virgin River Park
Sandstone Mountain
See more of this on another hike

View from Hurricane trail

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