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Volcanoes National Park

*Click photos to enlarge*

~ 2001 ~
thurstontube.jpg (116027 bytes) Thurston Lava Tube (Nahuku) Trail to Thurston Lava Tube thurston.jpg (131191 bytes)
alanuikahiko.jpg (75453 bytes) Alanui Kahiko, Chain of Craters Road Holei Pali, Chain of Craters Road holeipali.jpg (86630 bytes)
kilauea1.jpg (139531 bytes) Kilauea Caldera from Volcano House Hotel Halema'uma'u Crater (still steaming) kilaueasteam.jpg (107228 bytes)
kilauea2.jpg (93952 bytes) Halema'uma'u Crater in Kilauea Caldera from Volcano House Hotel Kalij pheasant kalijpheasant.jpg (69183 bytes)
petroglyphs1.jpg (127197 bytes) Pu'u Loa Petroglyphs Pu'u Loa Petroglyphs petroglyphs2.jpg (113596 bytes)
lavaglare.jpg (76756 bytes) 1995 lava flow--viewing the point of recent activity from about 2 miles west Holei Sea Arch seaarch.jpg (83089 bytes)
lavaroad.jpg (79716 bytes) 1995 lava flow closing Chain of Craters Road Pu'u'O'o lava flow viewing from Kalapana (the east side) lava1.jpg (43818 bytes)
lava2.jpg (51577 bytes) lava3.jpg (56811 bytes) lava4.jpg (69075 bytes) lava5.jpg (52502 bytes)

~ 2009 ~
Kilauea Caldera from the Volcano House and, of course, Halema'uma'u Crater is still steaming

Hiking the Napau Trail a few miles atop Mauna Ulu, veering off the beaten path to see her steaming

Jim in his glory

An 11-mile hike on the Naulu trail (from Kealakomo) guided by cairns on the lava rock area, eventually merging with the Kanapala Trail to the rarely used section of the Napau Trail through a wet, brushy fern forest that ended at the Napau Crater--I used the waterproof camera for this drizzly hike!
Former Chain of Craters Road from 1965 to 1969 that we crossed a couple times; very warm to touch--kept our feet warm

The soaked fern forest (left);
viewing the Makaopuhi Crater (right)

Interesting sign on the trail between Makaopuhi Crater & Napau Crater

Napau Crater, steaming at the fissure created in 2001 from the currently active Pu'u'O'o volcano

A rainbow reward at the end of our long hike just before sunset

Another day on the east side from Kanapala to see the active Pu'u'O'o volcano at sunset (notice the tourist viewing area has changed since 2001 above); the first blurry image is zooming in upward at the steams of Pu'u'O'o that originates 6-7 miles up (north)

~ 2010 ~
The steams of Pu'u'O'o again and the eastern side of Chain of Craters Road covered with lava

This year we took a wild boat ride to see the active volcano, click here for a video clip

View from Chain of Craters Road on the west side near the petroglyphs

Walking the piers to view (more of) the Pu'u Loa petroglyphs

Holei Sea Arch with me standing on it

Near the end of Chain of Craters Road on the west side

The 1995 lava flow ended Chain of Craters Road on the west side

Walking over the 1995 lava flow on the west side, you can barely make out the vog of Pu'u'O'o in the distance

This hike, Mauna Iki/Kau Desert Trail, we did several times (between 5-9 RT miles) as it was a short drive from our condo off of Hwy 11, southwest of the park's entrance

Trees on the Mauna Loa Road, then hiking the Mauna Loa Trail almost to the Pu'u'ula'ula Red Hill Cabin (14 miles RT), but only hiked about 12 miles RT. Halema'uma'u Crater steaming in the southern distance

Pu'u hulu hulu Hike between the volcanoes (not considered the park but the middle of Hawaii) viewing Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa, then driving as far as we could up Mauna Loa

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