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Place of Refuge

Pu'uhonua O Honaunau

Sanctuary for those who have broken kapu (the law).

*Click photos to enlarge*

~ 2001 ~

halau.jpg (104901 bytes) Halau: ti leave hung and used to drive fish into the shallows (hukilau method) Ki'i (wooden images) watching over Hale o Keawe (temple and mausoleum)  haleokeawe.jpg (78438 bytes)
heleipalala.jpg (124152 bytes) Heleipalala (springwater and saltwater--held food fish to be eaten) Noni fruit on the Indian Mulberry tree  noni.jpg (114550 bytes)
heleipalala2.jpg (103838 bytes) Heleipalala (springwater and saltwater--held food fish to be eaten) Ki'i and tree molds treemold.jpg (121086 bytes)
puuhonua.jpg (116704 bytes) Pu'uhonua shore Pu'uhonua point puuhonuapt.jpg (66003 bytes)

~ 2009 ~

You will see similar images as in 2001 above, but it was fun capturing them again with a new & improved camera :)

Noni fruit (left); tree impression in the lava rock (right)

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