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Bryce Canyon

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Fairyland Canyon in November 2004
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Red Canyon, 
to the west of Bryce 

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November 2006 had no snow...cloudy morning at Sunrise Point, but colorful sunrise

Queen's Garden...

...continuing on the Navajo Loop
and leading up to Thor's Hammer & Sunset Point

Evening sun glowing in Red Canyon, west of Bryce

2 Rim Trail views near Sunset Point, Natural Bridge & other viewpoints down the canyon

Bryce Point

Inspiration Point

Fairyland Canyon

Kissing Ravens

Grand View Trail 66, east of Bryce Canyon GV662.jpg (142185 bytes) GV661.jpg (151350 bytes) GV666.jpg (168412 bytes)
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Hanging out with our friends, east of the canyon Spring of 2012 (last photo of Red Canyon)

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