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Nevada's Great Basin

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The challenging mountain we hiked up in the Toiyobe Range in Austin on our road trip to CA wine country
(this trip continues to California's Basin & Range Areas and returns here)
At the base of the range, we refreshed in the stream after a long hike
Along this scenic road from the Toiyobe range we had a tire blow-out, but our spare made it to Fallon and we were saved with a new (and expensive) tire
Scenery on the Loneliest Road (Hwy 50) to and from wine country, including a reservoir, sand dunes, a dry bed from a salt lake and a few views from the road
Tonopah Test Range marker, better known as Area 51 (left);
nosey visitor (right) on the ET Highway to Rachel NV, where we enjoyed the Little A'le'Inn
Shortly after passing the giant alien guarding his Quonset hut, we made a scenic detour off of the ET Highway to the dead mining town of Delamar
Hwy 93 views on our way home from this great trip to CA wine country
(see more of this trip on California's Basin & Range Areas)

Bizarre snow storm in and around Vegas causing a major backup on Hwy 95 all the way to the border

Great hike in the Mahogany Mountains just west of the UT border except Jim had to find the truck hidden in the trees. He is used to a compass & I suggested to bring the GPS but he wanted to be old-fashioned--barely made it out of there before dark! The antler came back with us

Detouring on a trip to a jobsite in Alamo, Upper Pahranagat Lake followed by a hike we took off of Hwy 93 and discovered petroglyphs

On the way to Panaca via Hwy 93 to Cathedral Gorge State Park with spectacular mudstone formations (good hiking)
Cathedral Gorge State Park map & descriptions

Tonopah sunset walk, before our journey on the ET Highway (above)

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Top of a Mountain in the Toiyobe range we hiked.

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