5000-Mile Road Trip 2009


The Great Basin (Basin&Range)

Canyon Country

Kauai, HI 2003&2004

Big Island 2001 &

R & R in Mexico

Awesome Autumn in Arizona

 More Fall Foliage!

Another Autumn 
in Zion NP

Spring in the Arizona Desert

More Desert Spring!

Sunrise, Sunset

Winter Wonderland 

Waters & Summers

More Waterfalls!

Peaks & Canyons

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Basin & Range Areas

*Click photos to enlarge*

Boating the Colorado River from Needles, CA with our good friends; some pics are of the CA or AZ side depending on what I was shooting, gorgeous!
Interesting female Rock

Sand Dunes State Park

Views before leaving the dunes
From Route 66 viewing the Providence Mountains, followed by a rugged hike in the Mojave Rocks
Gloomy Tenaha trail hike in the Cleveland National Forest
(3rd one is a reflection)
Halleran Summit at sunset

Cat Mountain, seen from I-15

Through the Sierras on the way back from a wine tasting festival in Sonora where George Thorogood stopped to say "hi" to us as we were dancing on the grass to the Blues, and he offered us some of his wine prior to his performance at one of the Winery's Blues concerts. Never knew it was him! till we saw him on stage because we never introduced ourselves, just chatted a bit about how no one else was dancing and other topics
Jim just had to jump in this freezing lake in the mountains

Approaching and stopping at Mono Lake where some strange foreigners dove in DUH! nothing but bugs & salt

I took pics of rocks and did half the climb instead of doing the full dangerous climb that Jim did here, at Mono Crators

Another lake, very muddy, Jim had to experiment

Views of Boundary Peak from the hot tub at this wonderful Bed & Breakfast in Benton

Jim in his geekiness going up this rocky mountain; me only halfway (scary) while I took pics of cool rocks.

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