5000-Mile Road Trip 2009


The Great Basin (Basin&Range)

Canyon Country

Kauai, HI 2003&2004

Big Island 2001 &

R & R in Mexico

Awesome Autumn in Arizona

 More Fall Foliage!

Another Autumn 
in Zion NP

Spring in the Arizona Desert

More Desert Spring!

Sunrise, Sunset

Winter Wonderland 

Waters & Summers

More Waterfalls!

Peaks & Canyons

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Welcome to HikinGal's

Mt Lemmon, Tucson, AZ

Take a journey through my photographs and share the many wonders I have experienced...

In 2012: the Basin & Range section including Utah's Great Basin (where we live now, updated section) and nearby Basin & Range Areas
also Nevada's Great Basin, and Arizona and California Basin & Range Areas
Other updates on the Big Island, Bryce Canyon, More Waterfalls, More Spring, More Fall Foliage, Misc near  Zion area

& Sunrise, Sunset with the Annular Solar Eclipse of 5/20/12
Now living in Enterprise, UT, (be sure to check out the latest pdfs of the greenhouse, wind generator both in'14 & snowbound in '16) we have many gardens and on solar, see the pdfs on Utah's Great Basin page.

Prints can be purchased upon request, and I appreciate comments of your favorites!  Email me at wiazut@yahoo.com
Note:  Images published have been reduced to small jpg quality for website viewing.  Most prints can be purchased at any desired size.

Springdale  Flute & Drum Festival 2008

Last update: 9/7/2016

New Art!

More fun stuff coming :)
We are exploring the universe with the telescope I purchased in June,
Jim made a temporary balanced landing, getting more lenses.

Birds for now, before the eggs (I feed them well), nummy!
Got a great recipe book. Plan to put a video on here somehow, they are so much fun! Now we
have "Rooster Cogborn" along with the ladies, Monie, Polly, Angel, Helen, Leenie, Lu,
Frances, & Techla. Cannot forget Puddy & Tommy our cats (Puddy/miss Kadido, can stay inside sometimes)
and of course we can never forget Molley our dog. I'll be updating again soon, but for now....

South Water Caye

Big Island, Hawaii
Halema'uma'u Crater vent

Great Basin
West Central UT pic of the Wah Wah Range

Utah's Great Basin
Big Mountain Basin & Range border, pic from Gum Hill
Moon walk

The Latrel Valley, shown in the picture, was the last of 17 moon landings of the Apollo missions.  Harrison Schmitt was the only scientist sent to the moon by NASA.  He had a doctorate in geology and his specialty was lunar geology.  He spent 3 days exploring parts of this valley.  It was a special location because  it had exposed rocks of 3 different impact events exposed by means of debris slides.  This encouraged me to transport our "Earthship " to this location.  We accomplished this by means of gravitational lensing and using an application of relativistic propulsion.  The picture at right shows our hiking route.  Jim wrote a poem about our hike:

-280+260 Fahrenheit such bright white light towards the mountains buried secrets, forever our hearts quicken raining moon dust we move on oh so slow in 2 dimensions, psychologies arrow points to nothing, there's nothing out there just the moon and us that's all

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